Stevie Guitars (Lisboa)


“stevie guitars” is a new brand by the german Simon Steven Marx. 
Simon is an electrical engineer and used to work many years for the amp manufacturer Hughes & Kettner. He was also responsible for the quality control department of the german distributor for BC Rich Guitars, Vintage Guitars, Michael Kelly Guitars and Flea Bass. 
Working with with wood and guitars were always his biggest passion so he started to build his own guitars by the age of 18. Getting more experienced and beeing active in the professional music instruments business, he reached a high level of knowledge and skills about building guitars.
In 2018 he decided to move to Portugal and started to work at Guitar Rehab Lisbon. He is doing all kinds of repairings on guitars and amps and also is also working on the electronics on Adriano Sergio’s “Ergon Guitars”.

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